Magic Lines

Magic Lines for Windows

Game in which you match colored balls to clear the board

Magic Lines is a remake of an all time classic computer game that consists of matching colored balls on a square board. You start the game with a 9x9 square board and 6 balls scattered around.

The challenge is to place all the balls of the same color in one line. Once you have 5 balls of the same color in line, they will disappear. You can move a determined ball around the board as much as you want if there are no other balls blocking its way.

The challenge in Magic Lines is to match the colored balls by performing the fewest amounts of moves possible because as you move the balls on the board, new colored boards appear.

The more you move a ball, the more new balls will appear and the more difficult it will be to clear the board. Magic Lines is a fun game that challenges your logic and can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

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User reviews about Magic Lines

  • by Anonymous

    PLAYER 76. Magic lines is very good game for me, i like it and i want having more than more.